Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas 2019

For Christmas I got many amazing things the year! I just love Christmas and being with family! I hope everyone's Christmas was absolutely amazing and beautiful. Also happy holidays to everyone! Now will be showing what I got this Christmas on 2019!
  My Boyfriend got me a new camera....its so amazing and fun .....I can get super close shots of animals like my cats haha....I am a huge cat lover haha.....but anyways this camera is great and I cant wait to go on adventures to take many photos!
 The next thing I got was another camera! my parents got this for me! and I just love the color...its so beautiful....this camera prints out your photos right there when you take the photo and I'm excited to take many memory photos with this camera!
 I got an adorable Disney book of baking, cooking, and then decorating. this book has the greatest ideas for any event and omg I will be making a ton of stuff from this book!

 I got this amazing face rose quart massager!

 I got this cool book that has it where you draw a drawing for each day and then at the end of the book ill have tons of cool drawings!
 My cousin works for Nintendo and he got me these cool candies of Mario and Luigi!
 Then my parents got me this cool retro Pac-man arcade machine! I just love playing it sooo much! I'm getting pretty good high scores on it!

 I also got this adorable hello kitty snack box! its soooo pink and had delicious desserts!! I just love hello kitty! 
 I am  huge fan of Game of Thrones and when I opened this I couldn't wait to play this board game! I will defeat my boyfriend at this game mwhahaha.
The last thing I got was a blue Keurig coffee machine. I will be moving soon and this is just perfect for my new part of my life in my house!

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