Monday, January 30, 2017

New cards/bf/Gaming

Here is my new cards on my shop: ArtFrenzyStudio ...... I made these cards for any kind of holiday or anything because I left them blank!! So you can write whatever you want!!!
 I have also started playing world of Warcraft again! Which I'm so happy about playing this game again! And Also my Boyfriend is being with me on the journey of World of Warcraft!!!
Also soon in a month and a couple weeks me and my boyfriend jaryd will be dating for 2 years ......I cant believe its been that fast!!! I just cant wait for our 2 year anniversary!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

My New Shop ArtFrenzyStudio

I have a new shop called ArtFrenzyStudio........I have made new Characters of woodland animals and soon to be little cute girls with the woodland animals!!! I'll Soon be adding tags and more coloring pages and make a book of my coloring pages......also hopefully have mugs for sale and bookmarks and many more!!!
 Here is my Newest prints that come as PDF files on my shop and this is my cute Valentine tree with my deer!!! 
Here is also my new owl with berries ......This one is one of my favorites right now because I love owls and also fox's which ill show you a photo of my fox!!!
Then here is my cute fox with berries!!!

 I also have many coloring pages!! like this fox and cute deer!!! I love my coloring pages and I learned this from Bonnie Christine!!! And it was also a challenge!!!
Here is also my cute deer coloring page!!!!

I'm in the Roost Tribe and I got my coloring page in this coloring book and I was so excited and happy because its my first coloring book I'm in!!!

 Here is my new tags that I am putting on soon!!! I also have many more tags coming out soon to be put online to sell!!!!.......These two are my cute deer's in berries and leaves!!! I think they are adorable on a present or really anything!!!