Monday, June 12, 2017

Walking in nature/ Dragon eggs

I took an amazing walk at a park in Spokane and I just love the river and breathing in that fresh air!!!........I decided to take a bunch of photos cuz I'm a photography geek haha.......the part that was the best on the walk was to see a tree with a heart on it that someone must have done. Also at the end of the walk we saw cute turtles and a mommy duck with 7 babies!! They were so cute and I tried to take a photo of them but my phone couldn't see them that well ....but all I have to say is imagine really fluffy baby ducks swimming around.
Here is my new dragon eggs that I've made! can be a keychain...necklace....or even a bracelet! I love how I water colored them and I think they ended up very well! ........These eggs that I made were inspired by Game of Thrones! which I'm so crazy about right now and my bf have only finished the first season! .............But these will be in my shop very soon!!!