Monday, August 29, 2016

Big Birthday Sale!!

I'm Turning 19 Years old this week.
And I'm having a big birthday sale in my Etsy shop!
Everything is 19% off....when you use the coupon code when checking out.
The coupon code is : Birthday
The sales starts now and goes until Friday September 2nd midnight.

 So everything in my shop is discounted 19% off ......
All my finished pendants and rings plus all my blanks for making your own projects.
 This is a good time to stock up on these guys.
But the sale ends this Friday.
 Plus you will really help me with my cat Trix........she has some medical issues that are adding up to a big bill. She is in a lot of pain right now.
 All my blanks that I make each come with a how to sheet...and a free pattern design.

 I have all kinds of shapes including birds and owls and many more!
 I also have earrings and rings!!!

 I have all my new ovals!!

I also have sliver ovals!!
I have all kinds of 3 packs.....These are some of the covers of some of my items.
It wont last long
coupon code: Birthday

Monday, August 22, 2016

My Camper

Here is my before and after photos of my camper!!!! I cant believe how well it ended up!!....I'm so proud of myself for fixing it up!!!......We got this camper for free many years ago and for the longest time it looked kind of bad but now it all new and in style!!!
 Here is some photos of how the camper used to look like

  Then here is how now the camper looks like!!!

I had so much fun fixing up the camper!!....I think it ended up very good for my first time fixing up a place and making a new place and a new style!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Halloween, baby cakes, Bowlng

 Just have made new Halloween wood pendants!!!! I love all of these new designs!!! Specially when Halloween is my favorite holiday!!! Like Halloween needs to come now!! I need all the Halloween movies and candy and music!!! Also like I will be a video game character for Halloween....which I'm so excited for!!! 
 This is my cute skull that I made and I just love the look of it!!!!
 Also this cute pumpkin with a cut out face!!!
Then I made this very hand painted pumpkin....Its so orange and cute!!!!

 I also put on this cute Jack Skeleton Pendant!!! With sewed beads on his clothes!!!
 Also put tons of new Halloween pumpkin Pendants with beads!!!
 Here is also new earrings of pumpkins!!!! They are so cute!!
here is another pumpkin pendant on my tall oval!! Also has cute white dots on his eyes!!
 Here is another skeleton of a pendant.....he looks like he is ready to party!!!!
here is another pedant of Jack but he is in a hexie!!! He looks so cute!! 

 I went bowling with my Bf and my Bffs lol on Saturday ......Which was so fun.... Also cause I kept winning on the bowling lol!!!!
 here is me and My bf Jaryd .......We have been dating for almost a year and a half which I cant believe lol
Here is the bowling alley .....Its so colorful and I just love when ur wearing white and u are just glowing like crazy!!!
 I also made these amazing Petit Foors /Tea cakes/ Baby cakes lol .......Everyone thought it was amazing and perfect!!! Which I was so glad to hear!!!
Here is me with my baby cakes!!! My family took a photo of me with my baby cakes!!! I just loved making them!!

 Here is a close up on my baby cakes .....everyone loved these!!!
 here is photo of my baby cakes that I put in a cute box for my Bf and Bff .....which they both loved and ate them like crazy lol

 I was looking up in the trees enjoying the sun and wind and air!!! and also was with my bf under the trees relaxing while we were painted hard hats lol But we were loving the sun!!! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

My new Silver Wide ovals

I have made these new Glitter Silver Wide Ovals.........they are so cool and just so pretty and very shiny if the sun or high light is on it... I am thinking of making a new family of colored ones!!! Like I could do pink and green and blue and many more colors to add to the family!!
 Here I made the ovals but I also made my frames that I've been working on and I've mad them Silver and glitter too!!
 Here is a close up on the frame and the detail of the frame!!! I'm hoping soon to have the frames on etsy!!!
Here is another close up on the Silver ovals......I just love these and they are really shiny!!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Stuff I got at Tri-citys

Went to the tri-citys last weekend.....I got many cool things like my nails getting done and having this cool colorful sliver and light blue!!!!

My Aunt got me cool gold shoes ......Which is really cool and I love them specially when they are in the sun cause they sparkle like crazy!!!!

 Also got this cool bag that can be a backpack and then can turn it to a purse real quick!!!! also you can change the colors or fabric for it lol
 I got a cute new case for my phone .....I'm like addicted to phone cases lol ......I just like having many styles for my phone lol
 I got these cute office clips and pins and they are just adorable!!!! and I love that it is so colorful!!
Finally I got this cool wooden water bottle.......which I love cause I work with wood all the time!!! this is like my favorite water bottle ever!!!