Monday, December 19, 2016

New Products soon to come/news

 Here is my cute new keychains and I finally talked to my first store face to face and the stores name is called Gamers Heaven and me and my friends go there all the time!!!
 Here is another photo of the keychains!!
 Here is my new rings completely made from just wood and one night before I went to bed I thought of this cool idea to soon be in the world for everyone!!!!
 Here is more designs I've made and I can literally put whatever I want onto these rings!!! I just love having a ring of me and my boyfriend's Initials on it!!!    
Also I've made a cute heart stitchery and I haven't done this for awhile but I think I did really good for going back to it! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Black friday sale is ending Soon!

My Black Friday is ending soon! You guys only have until tomorrow Dec 2nd....When it turns 12:00 Am the sale is over!........So hurry up before its done....Its 40% off all stuff on my shop and coupon code is Blackfriday

 here is my Kits!!
 Here is all my covers!!!
 here is all my shapes!!

Go soon before that sale is done!!!