Monday, October 24, 2016

Quilt show/3d printer/Halloween party

 This was my first big quilt show in Washington!!! It was so amazing hearing all the comments about my stuff and people saying go for your dreams!! I'm so glad that everyone loves my stuff and hearing about how they loved how young I am and have this business already!!!

 Here is parts of my stuff with my moms stuff lol

Here is more photos of the whole booth!!!

 I got a new machine that's called the 3d printer and its the new family member with my laser cutter lol
 It can make many thing like a Hillary Clinton and a cutter for cookies but of snoopy!!!  

 I made all these new cupcakes for my Halloween party!!! I just love to bake :) Everyone ate all these like crazy and they all said it was amazing and really good!!

 Here is a close up on a knife cupcake
We also played this game called Superfight ....Which was the funniest game I have ever played and it was really fun at the Halloween party and I cant wait for all of us to soon play DND