Monday, April 24, 2017

New Product coming out soon!

 Here is my new Photo Frame kits that will be soon out for everyone!.....These are very easy to put together and at a good price!.....You can put any photo or illustration or whatever you want.....Its very cute with the country/modern fill. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Recipe: Simple Unicorn Candy Bark

This is a step by step of how to make this simple unicorn candy bark! The thing I love about making these is how simple and the amazing taste of it!
Step 1: Get a pan of whatever size you want and then put Parchment paper on top of it and finally get the Pure White Candy.....Then the colorful sprinkles from Hobby Lobby in there baking area.
Step 2: Open the bag and get a bowl that's microwaveable ......then put the candy that's in the bowl into the microwave and put it in for 1 min and stir the candy.

Step 3: After having your candy warmed and stirred .....then pore the candy onto the pan with the parchment paper and spread the candy all around the pan.
Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3.....Then grab the sprinkles and spread them all around the candy on the pan.

Step 5: Once your done with the sprinkles .....make room for your refrigerator and put it in for at least an hour. After that time you bring it out and brake it into pieces! and then Enjoy!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Junk Drunk Show

 Well I went to Colville and went to go see there big show Junk Drunk!......It was very fun and amazing .....I got a lot of cool stuff and I took many photos of everything that I thought was cool looking!! I cant wait for next year!!!
 Here are some cute photos of peoples booths.....with really cool stuff!

 Here is more photos of Booths!!

 Then I went to a store called "Forget Me Not"  which is an interesting name and they are the ones that run this show!!

 Also I found there Theater and it was kind of cool and different form where I live lol!!

Then finally I found this adorable river going there Chewelah and its actually overflowing.....which sucks but they will be fine!....But anyways I just love nature so much!

Monday, April 3, 2017

My new Photo Frames

Here are my cute Photo Frames. They come in a 2 pack with one large and one small. They are perfect for any occasion. It comes with 21 adorable designs!!!
Then always go check out all my other pendants I have in my shop. The popular ones like the hoops are the greatest to start with. Also they all come with cute go get embroidery on!!!