Friday, April 13, 2018

New Products!! Retro TVs and Cameras

Here is my New cute Retro TV pins!! I just love how I made the TV 50s to 60s styled and I'm proud of how well they ended up!! Everyone has to go check these out in my shop!!
It comes in a pack of 2 .....and you get 3 free designs for them or you can just put cute fabric in it!!

 Here is how you first stitch the design and showing the whole process of how you use my Retro TVs!
 Here is my adorable Cameras!!! I'm very proud of this one because you can watercolor them and out any fabrics into them or to cute stitches! 
Here is an adorable photo of my cameras on a cute wooden heart!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Youtube video and free wallpaper calender for your desktop and phone

 I have made a new video on my YouTube channel of me talking about my first fabric collection!
I am very proud of myself in this video ....I think I did very well!! :)

Here is my Free Desktop and Phone Wallpaper for February!!  I will be making every month and giving out for free!
Also here is my new idea for my hoops and its so cute ....I just love the look!!! all I did is use my hoop and put string all around the hoop and glue your ends of string to the hoop and then let dry and finally you can put the string at the bottom and all you do after that is put a necklace on it and then you have a cute necklace!!

Friday, January 12, 2018

New needle minders!

Here is my new needle minders! They are very cute and I'm very proud of them! I made each one special for anyone! My favorite is my deer needle minder! .........Also I have this week have done the 100 day challenge which is where you draw everyday no matter what for 20 minutes! It has actually been really easy but there have been times that I have almost missed a day and right when I got to bed is right when I remember it haha but whatever I still do it everyday!!