Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Camping Time!!

 Hello everybody!!! I went camping last week and omg it was so amazing!!.....We had so much fun building a sand castle and swimming all day!! ........The best thing about camping is the peacefulness in the world that I sometimes forget lol. Also I saw so many animals like I almost touch a deer because it trusted us that much ....I thought I was gonna be snow white haha.
 Here is me and my aunt and uncle near our sand castle!
 Here is the finally form of the sand castle haha
 Here is my dad enjoying the beach 
 Also here is all my amazing photos that I got from camping with all the animals I saw! 
 Here is a close up of the frog I found .......he is a prince waiting for a kiss haha
 There was this chipmunk that kept coming to our camping area and it was so cute ....I kept feeding him little potato chips and it was amazing watching him hide the food so he had it later lol 
Here is the chipmunk taking one of the potato chips that I gave him!
Finally there was 2 deer's that kept coming around the camp and they were so cute and I got some cute photos of them but this one is my favorite because its looking right at me!