Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My 3 cats

Here is all my good photos of my 3 cats!!!........I think they are very cute and like my fury best friends lol.......The grey cat name is Froy.....then the bigger lighter cat is Lucky......Then finally the skinny darker cat is Trix!!!!!!!
Here is froy the fuzzy!........he is very a drama queen even though he is a boy lol.......but he has the cutest boots ever haha ....they are white and its like he has go/go boots in like the 70s lol....but he is lovable when he wants to lol and he just loves rolling in the dirt!
This is Lucky the friendly giant! .....he is the biggest cat I have ever had in my life but I love him so much lol .....he is very funny when he wants food cause he begs like a dog for our dinner lol But he always wants belly rubs and just being loved on!! 
This is Trix the hunter....her fur is as soft as a bunny...she is always cleaning herself and making sure her fur stays soft!.......She has hunted many things like mice and bunny's and birds oh my!!!! lol..... she is very lovable as well as all the cats but she is always around to say hi to!!!!!

I love all of them so much.....they are always there for me and comfort me at my bad times and even good times lol .....they are just always wanting love even if I'm being annoying to them!.....but I'm just glad to have these 3 fur balls in my life!!!

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