Monday, August 1, 2016

Stuff I got at Tri-citys

Went to the tri-citys last weekend.....I got many cool things like my nails getting done and having this cool colorful sliver and light blue!!!!

My Aunt got me cool gold shoes ......Which is really cool and I love them specially when they are in the sun cause they sparkle like crazy!!!!

 Also got this cool bag that can be a backpack and then can turn it to a purse real quick!!!! also you can change the colors or fabric for it lol
 I got a cute new case for my phone .....I'm like addicted to phone cases lol ......I just like having many styles for my phone lol
 I got these cute office clips and pins and they are just adorable!!!! and I love that it is so colorful!!
Finally I got this cool wooden water bottle.......which I love cause I work with wood all the time!!! this is like my favorite water bottle ever!!!

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