Monday, August 15, 2016

Halloween, baby cakes, Bowlng

 Just have made new Halloween wood pendants!!!! I love all of these new designs!!! Specially when Halloween is my favorite holiday!!! Like Halloween needs to come now!! I need all the Halloween movies and candy and music!!! Also like I will be a video game character for Halloween....which I'm so excited for!!! 
 This is my cute skull that I made and I just love the look of it!!!!
 Also this cute pumpkin with a cut out face!!!
Then I made this very hand painted pumpkin....Its so orange and cute!!!!

 I also put on this cute Jack Skeleton Pendant!!! With sewed beads on his clothes!!!
 Also put tons of new Halloween pumpkin Pendants with beads!!!
 Here is also new earrings of pumpkins!!!! They are so cute!!
here is another pumpkin pendant on my tall oval!! Also has cute white dots on his eyes!!
 Here is another skeleton of a pendant.....he looks like he is ready to party!!!!
here is another pedant of Jack but he is in a hexie!!! He looks so cute!! 

 I went bowling with my Bf and my Bffs lol on Saturday ......Which was so fun.... Also cause I kept winning on the bowling lol!!!!
 here is me and My bf Jaryd .......We have been dating for almost a year and a half which I cant believe lol
Here is the bowling alley .....Its so colorful and I just love when ur wearing white and u are just glowing like crazy!!!
 I also made these amazing Petit Foors /Tea cakes/ Baby cakes lol .......Everyone thought it was amazing and perfect!!! Which I was so glad to hear!!!
Here is me with my baby cakes!!! My family took a photo of me with my baby cakes!!! I just loved making them!!

 Here is a close up on my baby cakes .....everyone loved these!!!
 here is photo of my baby cakes that I put in a cute box for my Bf and Bff .....which they both loved and ate them like crazy lol

 I was looking up in the trees enjoying the sun and wind and air!!! and also was with my bf under the trees relaxing while we were painted hard hats lol But we were loving the sun!!! 

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