Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New products! 6/19/19

This is my newest product in my store! it is the 3 sized tassel tool!

The small tassel tool makes a 1" tassel, Medium makes a 1 1/4", and the largest makes a petite 1 1/2".

Use floss, yarn, bakers twine, thin crochet thread, string....and make them fluffy or thinner. These take only scraps so it is very thrifty.

Make tiny tassels for jewelry like necklaces and earrings (in my pictures I show them on my pendant blanks), use them as embellishments on pillows and pincushions, add them to paperclips for planners and on bookmarks. They make great graduation décor....just use your grads colors. They look great on flip flops, on tags, zipper pulls, hang on purses and make up bags, hanging hoop art, lamp light switch pulls.....and much more!!!

 This is also one of my new products of 3 different cute mason jars!

In each pack are an oval center, rectangle center and heart center.
Jar measures:
1 9/16" wide by 2 5/8" tall.
Inside rectangle area:
15/16” wide x 1 3/8” tall.
Oval inside: 1 1/8” x 1 11/16”
Heart inside: 1 1/8’ x 1 3/4”

You can add pretty fabric, cross-stitch, beading, stamped out words and sayings, plus much more.
***You can add a wash of watercolors to the jar to change the color....this takes seconds...and is really easy!
I went shopping at the mall and found this adorable backpack and wallet of stitch!
I just love it ….its so cute and perfect for summer!

Also I've been going crazy of making painted dolls! I made a Beetlejuice ....Barnabas Collins..and Stitch! I'm hoping to soon make a Skillshare class of how to make these awesome dolls!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

New YouTube Videos!

I have been uploading on my YouTube channel lately and you should go check it out!!
The video has me showing you how to watercolor these beautiful cameras and also how to put fabric in them and to put felt in the back and getting your finally product!
You can get this on my Etsy Camera Pendant Blanks!
This is the finally product in the video!

This is my other video that I just posted up! 
In this video Bird Pendant Tutorial I'll be showing you how to put these adorable bird together!
Ill be showing you how to put the fabric and doing the felt back and gluing the pinback!
You can get this Bird Pendant Blank on my Etsy shop!

I have also been putting new photos on my Peacock Gumdrop!
This was when I was taking a walk and I thought this was cute lol!
You can get this on the etsy shop! Pine walk

This was when I was shopping in a vintage shop! I just love cute toys!
You can get this on my shop Children Blocks 

Then Finally this is a cool photo with my crystal ball! I think its interesting!
You can get this on my Etsy Shop! Crystal Ball Of Wonders

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Valentines box!

This is me and Shirley Hudson's Valentines box that we made together! Its very adorable for anyone that loves to craft but also loves to decorate!
In this box you get 6 items ……..You get a print....hexie pack...a doll...10 tags...a pattern....and a valentine ornament! Here is the link to the Valentines box
Here is the print that you will get if you buy the box. Its a heart painting with the saying "Your Heart and my heart are very very old friends"
the frame is not included but you can get it from Walmart for only $4
Here is the hexie pack! You get one hexie and get a free design of the heart pattern!
This is an adorable doll that Shirley Hudson made! the doll has a cute pink dress...a heart.....heart letter...and a cute painted face! that is printed!
You get 10 tags of red... white....and pink! all tags have a heart stamp and cute string!
This is one of Hudson's Holidays pattern! Its a cute valentine banners of different shapes and sizes! This is the perfect quilt project!

The finally thing is this adorable wooden valentine ornament! When you get this you will have it water colored like this and having the string with it! This is perfect décor!

Friday, April 13, 2018

New Products!! Retro TVs and Cameras

Here is my New cute Retro TV pins!! I just love how I made the TV 50s to 60s styled and I'm proud of how well they ended up!! Everyone has to go check these out in my shop!!
It comes in a pack of 2 .....and you get 3 free designs for them or you can just put cute fabric in it!!

 Here is how you first stitch the design and showing the whole process of how you use my Retro TVs!
 Here is my adorable Cameras!!! I'm very proud of this one because you can watercolor them and out any fabrics into them or to cute stitches! 
Here is an adorable photo of my cameras on a cute wooden heart!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Youtube video and free wallpaper calender for your desktop and phone

 I have made a new video on my YouTube channel of me talking about my first fabric collection!
I am very proud of myself in this video ....I think I did very well!! :)

Here is my Free Desktop and Phone Wallpaper for February!!  I will be making every month and giving out for free!
Also here is my new idea for my hoops and its so cute ....I just love the look!!! all I did is use my hoop and put string all around the hoop and glue your ends of string to the hoop and then let dry and finally you can put the string at the bottom and all you do after that is put a necklace on it and then you have a cute necklace!!

Friday, January 12, 2018

New needle minders!

Here is my new needle minders! They are very cute and I'm very proud of them! I made each one special for anyone! My favorite is my deer needle minder! .........Also I have this week have done the 100 day challenge which is where you draw everyday no matter what for 20 minutes! It has actually been really easy but there have been times that I have almost missed a day and right when I got to bed is right when I remember it haha but whatever I still do it everyday!!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Black Friday Sale Everything 25% off!!!

Black Friday Sale!!! Everything is 25% off on my store!!.......I have many thing's that you can purchase ....... Like my cute hexies!! or hoops or even my brand new products!! like the needle minders are usually $6.49 and now you can get them for $4.87 !!! 
Here are some of my needle minders! they are perfect stocking stuffers for your creative family's or friends.

Then here is my Halloween ornaments and more needle minders
Here is my adorable polaroid pendants

Here is more of the hexies and hoops!!
 Also go check out my moms shop Hudson's Holiday's......She is having a 40% off on her whole shop!!! you can get here new thanksgiving pattern!!
 She also has many coloring pages and much more!
Also she has many Christmas patterns and pdfs!!