Monday, July 11, 2016

Portland trip

 Went to Portland.....I finally got to see the ocean for my first time of at least remembering .....the last time I saw the ocean, I was a baby lol .........I loved seeing the waves and seeing tons of sea creatures.....and just even smelling the sea!!!! 
 At the beach I decided to write my name and my boyfriends name on the sand.....I think its cute to know it might still be there but I doubt it.....but its still cool!
 Here is a photo of me and my mom at the beach and having the background of the sea!
 Here is a cute crab!!!.....he was at a perfect spot to take a photo of his face!!!
 here is my dad with the shirt I got him of "Keep Portland Weird" ......I think its funny specially because we were waiting for voodoo doughnuts and there was the same saying on the building! 
 Here is me with Johnny Depp lol but it was just a wax figure of him but still cool!!!
 Here is the ocean view from the hotel room.......It was so nice waking up to a view like this and hearing the waves crash on the rocks!!
 I got this adorable little truffle holder......its theme is Alice and the Wonderland and I love that movie so much!!! I think this is like the cutest thing I have ever saw in my life!!!
Got tons of candy in Portland.....This is all Japanese and Mexican candy and I have seen tons of my favorite youtubers eat this candy and I'm so excited to try all of it!!!!

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