Monday, April 17, 2017

Recipe: Simple Unicorn Candy Bark

This is a step by step of how to make this simple unicorn candy bark! The thing I love about making these is how simple and the amazing taste of it!
Step 1: Get a pan of whatever size you want and then put Parchment paper on top of it and finally get the Pure White Candy.....Then the colorful sprinkles from Hobby Lobby in there baking area.
Step 2: Open the bag and get a bowl that's microwaveable ......then put the candy that's in the bowl into the microwave and put it in for 1 min and stir the candy.

Step 3: After having your candy warmed and stirred .....then pore the candy onto the pan with the parchment paper and spread the candy all around the pan.
Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3.....Then grab the sprinkles and spread them all around the candy on the pan.

Step 5: Once your done with the sprinkles .....make room for your refrigerator and put it in for at least an hour. After that time you bring it out and brake it into pieces! and then Enjoy!

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