Monday, April 10, 2017

Junk Drunk Show

 Well I went to Colville and went to go see there big show Junk Drunk!......It was very fun and amazing .....I got a lot of cool stuff and I took many photos of everything that I thought was cool looking!! I cant wait for next year!!!
 Here are some cute photos of peoples booths.....with really cool stuff!

 Here is more photos of Booths!!

 Then I went to a store called "Forget Me Not"  which is an interesting name and they are the ones that run this show!!

 Also I found there Theater and it was kind of cool and different form where I live lol!!

Then finally I found this adorable river going there Chewelah and its actually overflowing.....which sucks but they will be fine!....But anyways I just love nature so much!

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