Friday, June 24, 2016

Photography new photos at Peacock Gumdrop

I have new photos for my Photography shop "Peacock Gumdrop"
This is the new Lavender photo!!! I do a lot of Nature photos cause I love nature lol.....But I also do many other things like buildings....then food...candy...just interesting stuff!

Here is the new "White and purple cute flower"
Also here is the Yellow fluff ......don't you think it looks so happy!

Look how interesting this fence of colorful rims!!!!

I love this old building that I went past ......I was traveling to Seattle and we took a back road to Seattle and saw this beautiful old farm building! I just Love this!!
Here is some of my interesting photos of a door lock.....Which looks really good as an old fashion look!.... then a type writer .....which is always good in black and white.....and finally Candy...which is so damn colorful :)

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