Monday, September 11, 2017

The fair/apple pie/new product

 I made my second apple pie and it ended up perfect just like my first one!!! My parents got me this cute heart shaped cooking mitten I can bake like crazy with this guy haha!! Anyways everyone loves my apple pie like my dad and my boyfriend just go crazy for my apple pie. 
 I went to the fair and got to see adorable sea lions!!! they did the cutest tricks .........and they did so many jokes with the sea loins lol
 Also my aunt Julie got to go up on the stage of the hypnotist show and it was so funny to see here doing funny stuff. 
 Also right now I'm so huge on Stitch .....he is like the cutest Disney animal or well alien lol

Also go check out my new fall ornaments on my shop!!! Get ready for this fall with this cute project!

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