Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday/New Products

It is my First Big Black Friday sale
40 % off everything!!!
The sale is in my Etsy shop...use coupon code: Blackfriday
Use this code when checking out...if you need more info about using coupons...click here.
Starting now Nov 18th...until 
Dec 2nd 11.59 pm (pacific standard time).

Here is just a sample of what is in the etsy store...

I've made new Products for Christmas!!! I've made cute ornaments for Christmas and you can put fabric or photos!!!! Which soon I will have a YouTube video about how to color or to put photos in it!!

 Here is more photos of it!!!!

 This is what it look as plan but you can paint them
 Here is my candy pack that I put on etsy .....Its very cute for the colors lol

Here is the colors with fabric!!!

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